2012 Cap & Tassel Society

Cap & Tassel Members with a student in the class of 2012.

John and Cheryl Blake*

Denny and Jacqueline Brock

James and Donna Campbell

John and Lisa Chedrick

Laura Cleveland

Carl and Karen Correia J

ames and Anne Couch

Dennis and Rebecca Crookshanks

Robert and Sharon Daggett

John '83 and Joyce David

Paul and Kathleen Doman

Dennis and Darlene Dowler

George '67 and Renetta Fatula

George and Michelle Fischer

John '62 and Nicole Frazier

Bill and Cindy Gaber

Joe '86 and Beth Gibson

Tim and Lisa Guy

James and Donna Halferty

Kenneth and Judy Haver*

Stephen and Margaret Homcha

Eric and Dorthy Kaufman

Robert and Lori Kirkpatrick

Paul and Kathy Krause

*Parents' Council members

Merico and Jodi Lignelli

Michael McDonough

Lorry '87 and Bob McMahon

Elias and Mayada Memari

Mark and Maureen Milchak

Wayne and Inge Miles

Jim Norris '75 and Ann Annase

Kenneth and Dawn Ogilvie

Mike '82 and Susan Patrick

Bert and Nadine Popovich

Jeffrey and Nicole Putt

Robert and Nancy Reed

Gregory and Joan Ringeling

Thomas and Victoria Rose

Cindy and Mark Ross

Joy Soeder

Ronald and Deborah Stoyanoff

Gary Suess

Thomas and Kelly Szejko

William and Lori Testa

Jeffrey and Wendy Walsh*

Richard and Ellen Wellins

Christopher and Patricia White

Vincent and Milissa Yevins