A Transfer Story

Watts Transfer Story

When I decided to transfer, my “checklist” for choosing a new college was simple. I was looking for the challenge of a rigorous academic program that would best prepare me for my future, and a smaller school where I would be treated as an individual. I also wanted to continue playing football.

With support from my parents, I researched potential new schools, focusing on colleges and universities I thought might be a good fit, not only athletically and academically, but socially.

When I visited W&J in January, I really liked what I saw. Aesthetically, the campus was beautiful. Its reputation spoke for itself. I met with a number of professors and admission staff members and felt right at home.

There is no doubt that I made the right decision to become a President. The classes are challenging and you have to work hard, but I believe I am learning more at W&J.

Following graduation, I plan on attending law school. I knew there were other schools where I could get my degree, but what would that degree mean? I wanted to be challenged in the classroom and be prepared for life after football.

-John Rendell Watts '13
Accounting Major/Pre-Law Program
Jacksonville, FL