A W&J Welcome!

A W&J Welcome!As a potential transfer student, you have already had a taste of college—you’re much more of an expert in the college selection process than you were when you first began. For that reason, we are particularly pleased that you have chosen to consider W&J. As you know, when you visit a college, you receive a wealth of information about academic programs, internship and study abroad opportunities, application dates, scholarship information, and placement rates. And yet, it is still not easy to determine which school is the best fit. We want you to learn everything you can about W&J so that you can determine if this is the college for you.

There are several defining qualities of a W&J education and experience that I feel truly set us apart from other institutions. Did you know that 98% of W&J graduates complete their degrees in four years? And did you know that we are #1 in the country for producing future attorneys and #3 for graduating future doctors and medical researchers? There’s so much to learn about W&J. Our Magellan Project (available only at W&J) allows you to embark on your own research project in the summer and receive institutional funding to complete it. We also have award-winning study abroad programs that allow you to travel with faculty, to study at another university, or to explore the world on your own. Our students do lots of volunteer work as well, both locally and internationally. Our professors really care about helping you to succeed—they will help you understand difficult material, coach you through graduate school and employment applications, and become lifetime mentors. Even our successful alumni get involved—you can request an official alumni mentor, who will talk with you often and provide you with advice about college, graduate school, careers, and even life. While some colleges offer some of these opportunities, few offer them all.

As you explore W&J, we encourage you to take a campus tour, talk with faculty, audit a class or two, and ask the tough questions. We want you to get to know what is truly distinct about our College community.

The success of Washington & Jefferson College is based upon what we have done, what we will do, and most importantly, what we are doing today to provide a vital, challenging, and fulfilling educational experience. I hope you will take the opportunity to learn how W&J can enhance your college experience and prepare you for the future. If we can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact us at (724) 223-6025 or 1-888-926-3529.

With warm regards,

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Dr. Tori Haring-Smith