Dr. Bob Johnson River Cubes Talk

Dr. Bob Johnson will give a talk about his River Cubes project and related work at 6:00PM on Monday, November 18 in BUR 103.

Dr. Johnson plans to come to Washington early that day to make a “riverbank assessment” of nearby waterways. He always does this whenever he speaks outside of Pittsburgh. Feel free (students and faculty members) to ask him about participating in this exercise. He may be contacted at: bob@rivercubes.net

The talk will be followed by dinner in the Commons with a small group of faculty and students. Students and faculty are encouraged to attend dinner. Students will swipe their meal cards and faculty dinners will be paid for. The Faculty Dining Room is not available that evening so we  will  probably reserve a table in the Parcell Room.

You can  learn more about Dr. Johnson’s work via this video: http://www.rivercubes.net/site/philosophy/cubes.htm