Upcoming Flash Sessions

The Library is proud to offer the following Flash Sessions:

Date/Time Topic
February 14, 11:00am Interlibrary Loan
February 15, 4:30pm How to Choose a Research Topic
February 16, 4:00pm Microfilm
February 21, 4:15pm Lexis-Nexis
February 22, TBD Citizens Library: Using eBooks
February 23, 11:00am Chemistry Research Tools
February 28, 4:30pm Finding Foreign Language Resources
February 29, TBD Chemistry Research Tools
March 1, 4:00pm

Project Muse

March 6, 11:00am & 4:30pm APA Citation Style
March 7, 11:00am & 4:30pm MLA Citation Style
March 8, 11:00am & 4:30pm Bio/Chem Citation Styles
March 28, 3:00pm Reader's Guide
April 1, 4:00pm Reader's Guide
April 3, 7:30pm Microfilm
April 4, 7:30pm Microfilm
April 8, 4:00pm Education Resources
April 10, 7:30pm Ask a Research Expert
April 11, 7:30pm Ask a Research Expert
April 15, 4:00pm Ask a Research Expert
April 24, 7:30pm Cite Your Sh*t
April 29, 4:00pm Cite Your Sh*t
May 2, 7:30pm Cite Your Sh*t

Sessions last approximately 15 minutes and meet on the Library's main level in Cozy Corner.

Please remember to check back! We are adding new sessions all the time!

Ideas? Comments? Email Alexis Rittenberger.