Applying as an International Student

We are delighted that you have decided to apply to W&J. We look forward to learning about you through your application. Please be sure to submit all required documents so that we are able to get an accurate picture of who you are. Should you have any questions or concerns about submitting a particular item, don’t hesitate to contact Kristin Crosby, Director of International Recruitment or Katelyn Glaser, Assistant Director of Admission for clarification.

We encourage international applicants to apply via the Common Application. If you apply on line we will waive your application fee of $25. Even though our deadline is March 1, we encourage you to complete your application as soon as possible. International Student Application Checklist

Please note all of the following must be submitted in order to complete your application for admission.

1. Common Application (including the essay/personal statement) – please complete all questions and sections of the Common Application. Submitting a complete application will help us get a clearer sense of you, and will result in a decision sooner.

2. School documents – give the Secondary School Report or International Supplement to the Common Application, and Mid-year Report to your university guidance counselor. If your school does not have a guidance counselor, please give them to your headmaster, principal or head teacher. There are some questions on the school report that may not be applicable, such as GPA, class rank, etc. Please submit this form anyway with the understanding that it is acceptable to leave some of these questions blank. All official secondary school transcripts and/or state or national examinations should be original copies, translated into English. If it is impossible to submit originals, copies should be submitted with the school stamp/seal and signature of the appropriate school official. We ask that you submit at least 3 to 4 years of grades, even if you have attended more than one secondary school.

3. Counselor recommendation – give this form to your guidance counselor. If your school does not have a counselor, please submit an extra recommendation from a teacher or headmaster who knows you well. (If your headmaster does not know you personally, you would do better to submit a recommendation from a teacher.)

4. Teacher recommendation – please ask a teacher who has taught you in the past year or two in an academic subject such as Math, Science, History/Social Science, or English. We ask that the recommendation be attached to the Common Application Teacher Recommendation form, even if some questions are left blank on the form.

5. Mid-year report - This form should only be completed if you are still enrolled in secondary school and if your school will have additional grades to report in March. If you are not currently enrolled in school or if your school only issues grades at the end of the year you do not need to submit this form.

6. Final School report - This form should be submitted by your counselor or headmaster once your final transcript is available. This form may also be submitted with official IB Diploma results, A level results, or other national exam results.

7. TOEFL or IELTS – Students who speak English as a second language (non-native speakers) are required to submit their scores for the TOEFL or equivalent form of testing (such as IELTS) by the admission deadline. This includes non-native English speakers who study/live in the United States or attend English-medium schools. Please have the testing results sent directly from the testing company.

8. SAT or ACT results – please have score reports sent directly from the College Board. If you choose not to submit standardized testing, please email Kristin Crosby or Katelyn Glaser to set up a Skype interview.

9. International Student Verification of Financial Support. Please have your parents complete this International Sufficiency form and/or submit supporting documentation. Supporting documents may include (but are not limited to):

  • A bank statement signed by a bank official showing available funds

  • A letter from an employer verifying income

  • Letter of financial support from sponsor program or loan agency

Requirements for Transfer Applicants:

W&J welcomes applications from international students wishing to transfer from another college or university, and merit scholarships are available for outstanding international transfer applicants. At W&J, a transfer student is defined as a student who has taken at least one semester of courses for credit. Please follow the instructions above and be sure to include the following:

10. Official university transcript from all universities you have attended

11. Course catalog with specific descriptions of courses taken.

12. Completed Transfer Student Clearance Form

13. An essay detailing reasons for wanting to transfer to W&J.