Art Education

The Art Education major, associated with the departments of Art and Education, prepares students to teach art in a classroom setting, while also enhancing the students’ personal creative and artistic abilities.

The Art Education major is associated with the Department of Art and the Department of Education. A major requires 10 courses, including but not limited to world art, twentieth century art, 2-D and 3-D design, drawing, a ceramics studio and a painting studio, and principles of art education. In addition, as a capstone experience, departmental majors must present a senior art show.

The Department of Art also offers a Graphic Design concentration in collaboration with the Department of Computing and Information Studies, and uses the W&J Technology Center's state-of-the-art technology.

Students may seek Specialty Education (grades K-12) Certification in Art by completing the Art Education major and an Education minor consisting of those courses required for Specialty Education (grades K-12) Certification.

Additional course information is available in the W&J College Catalog.


John Lambertson, Ph.D.
Professor of Art

Douglas McGlumphy, M.F.A.
Director of Olin Fine Arts Gallery
Patrick Schmidt
Patrick Schmidt, M.F.A.
Associate Professor of Art
Rosalie Carpenter
Rosalie T. Carpenter, Ed.D.
Professor & Founder/Director of Elementary Education
James Longo
James M. Longo, Ed.D.
Professor Chair of Education Department

David Ryan Bunting, M.A.
Adjunct Professor of Education

Reed B. Day, J.D.
Adjunct Professor of Education

Patricia H. Easton, B.A.
Adjunct Professor of Education

Mary Jo Podgurski, Ed.D.
Adjunct Professor of Education

Timothy Wagner, Ed.D.
Adjunct Professor of Education

Major Requirements

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