British Literature in London

Gregory French '12

Hometown:  Williamsville, NY
Major:  Business Administration
Minor:  English
Concentration:  Entrepreneurial Studies

Magellan Project Description:  I spent my summer studying British Literature in London, England. Through a grant from the Magellan Project, I was able to immerse myself in the culture and history that London offered, and apply what I had learned in the classroom to the real world and study.  I focused on learning more about John Milton’s Paradise Lost, and how classic British literature still remains a lasting inspiration on current literature and how it compares and fits into our culture today.  I was able to visit many British museums and libraries that were beneficial in furthering my knowledge of this subject.

How will your Magellan Project help with your plans after graduation?  Any form of literature is a means of communication, which is important in any career path that I choose. I hope to be able to use my experience from the Magellan Project to combine both my major and my minor into a career, possibly in publishing or writing now that I have seen how important it is to preserve written texts as a way of looking into a different culture from centuries before us.