National & Regional Conferences

In the past decade, we have established a culture of student attendance at national American Chemical Society (ACS) meetings.  These conferences are located in major metropolitan cities (with a different location each year) and are attended by as many as 20,000 scientists.  Students thus have the opportunity to network with future employers and graduate schools as well as to attend talks on cutting-edge research.

Most recently, an average of 10 W&J students have attended the ACS spring meeting each year in locations such as New Orleans (2013), San Diego (2012), Anaheim (2011), San Francisco (2010), Salt Lake City (2009), New Orleans (2008), and Chicago (2007).

Students at an Anaheim conference in 2011. Students at a San Diego conference in 2012.

The students who attend these meetings do so to present research that they have done (either over the summer or as Independent Study (CHM 500/501), on-campus and off-campus).  In addition, we typically have representatives of the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS) present on the outreach and community activities the W&J chapter has done during the past year.  

A list of presentations that students have given at the ACS national meetings can be found here.