Intersession Travel Courses

W&J offers a unique Intersession term during the month of January where students take one course.  While intensive, these courses are typically offered with an amount of “flair,” distinct from courses offered as part of the standard curriculum.  Recent Intersession courses have included:

  • ENG 262: Vampires and Other Bloodsuckers
  • ART 347: Drawing Pittsburgh
  • CIS 233: Cyber-attacks: Viruses, Worms, and Trojan Horses
  • PHL 139: The Twilight Zone
  • ESP 265: Entrepreneurship and Sports Management
  • THR 250: Radio Drama

Travel courses are a popular feature of Intersession.  Students take a course that involves traveling off-campus, be it to the American Southwest or as far away as New Zealand.  In the sciences, several Intersession courses have been offered in recent years and have proven popular campus-wide.

Students can thus take a travel Intersession course to have a taste of what living in a foreign country might be like.  Many use this experience as a trial run for pursuing the rewarding experience of a semester, summer, or year abroad.

For more information about Intersession travel courses, check out the Global Education Office website or contact Ms. Traci Fruehauf (director of Global Education).