Semester or Year Abroad

W&J's Study Abroad Opportunities

Science students at W&J have several options for study abroad.  The Global Education Office provides a list of approved programs located throughout the world.  In addition, students can apply for non-approved programs.

In recent years, science students have done study abroad in Australia, Germany, Scotland, Spain, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, South Africa, the Netherlands, and at sea, sailing across the Pacific.

Science in the Netherlands

W&J offers a unique study abroad program designed especially for science students at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.  This university, renowned for its science, is where Konstantin Novoselov did some of his work in graphene, for which he won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics

Nijmegen is a medium-sized city where English is commonly spoken.  In addition, it is located a short train ride from Amsterdam and provides students easy access to most of Europe.  Nijmegen is a well-established center for innovative research.  Radboud University Nijmegen has nine institutes and enrolls over 17,500 students in 107 programs.  The university also has a medical school where students can take classes.  Radboud is especially known for cognition research, information technology, chemistry, physics, and language development.  

Radboud University is officially bilingual in English and Dutch, offering numerous upper-level science courses in English.  Science students can thus fulfill requirements for their major (and take general education courses) while experiencing the excellent opportunity of living in a foreign country.

Many W&J science students have taken upper-level electives in chemistry and biology as well as other non-science courses.  Examples of these classes include:

  • Chemometrics                         International Public Health
  • Pharmochemistry                    Dutch History, Culture & Politics
  • Toxicology                               Law in Cyberspace
  • Organic Chemistry                  US vs European Union Governments & Infrastructure
  • Nanobiotechnology                 American Politics
  • Bioinformatics                         Anthropology of Law
  • Environmental Chemistry        City Culture
  • Independent Research (several students have done this and worked in a lab while at Radboud)

Science students thus have the opportunity to experience study abroad and expand their science horizons at an internationally known research university.

Interested in study abroad for a semester?  Learn more at the Office of Global Education.  If interested in the Netherlands program, you can also contact Dr. Robbie Iuliucci (Chemistry).  (He helped establish the Netherlands program and worked at Radboud University for several years.)