Chris Griffith '13



Hometown: Reston, VA   

Major(s):  Information Technology Leadership- New Media Focus

Concentration: Graphic Design

Involvement: German Club-Treasurer, Red & Black-Business Manager, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity-Vice President, Student Government Association-Class of 2013 Representative, Men’s Club Rugby Team, Outdoors Club, Ski Club. 

Favorite Food on Campus: Wraps! I’ve got so many different wrap combinations that I’ve considered opening a wrap café when I graduate.

Advice to Prospective Students: Think about what you really love - it could be a sport, a hobby, or an academic subject – and find a path that follows it. W&J is a great place to get a full perspective of every subject, so try things out and see what you really love!

Why I Chose W&J: One of the major reasons, among many, was the close faculty and student relationships and also the close student to student relationships. Being a smaller school, W&J has allowed me access to so many resources that I would not have had access to anywhere else. When I need help with a subject, I make an appointment with the professor and they are more than happy to help. I have also become involved and hold leadership positions in a number of organizations at W&J.