Climate Warming Research in Iceland

Adam Toomey '12

Adam ToomeyHometown:  Youngwood, PA
Major(s):  General Biology & Environmental Studies

Magellan Project Description
Working alongside Ph.D. students from Alabama, Montana State, and the University of Iceland, we used the unique geothermal characteristics of Iceland's landscape to investigate how a temperature will affect the many ecosystem processes of freshwater streams.   Specifically, I explored the changes in epilithic metabolism and nutrient uptake across a 9-25oC temperature gradient. The collective aim our project is to better understand how global stream ecosystems will adapt to current and future global climate change.

How will your Magellan Project help with your plans after graduation? 
This was an invaluable opportunity that I never could have experienced without the help of the Magellan Project. It has allowed me to make some amazing academic connections and has influenced my choice of graduate school programs.