BIO 240/PED 391

Ecology of the American Southwest


Many People think of deserts and mountain tops as being hostile, barren places. Far from being lifeless, however, they are home to a staggering diversity of strange and wonderful life forms. Intersession 2011 we explored the desert and mountain ecosystems of southern Arizonia. This two-week trip took students to museums, Native American sites and world-class natural areas where they studed the distinct plant and animal communities that thrive in these arid conditions. Students examined the survival of humans, past and present, in this areas and our changing relationship with land and water. Students also experienced first-hand the unique character and awesome beauty of the American Southwest and learned the basic desert survival skills as they camped, hiked and explored the secrets of this complex and delicate landscape.

Instructors: Dr. Heather Cushman, Dr. Jason Kilgore and Ms. Vicki Staton

Students take on the Arizona desert terrain in search of some rewarding views.

After making it to their destination, students gaze across the landscape as they receive information from their guide.