Economic Mitigation Research in China

Savannah Sprowls '13

Hometown: Claysville, Pennsylvania
Major: International Studies
Concentrations: China and East Asian Studies

Magellan Project  Description:
I was inspired to return to China after going for Intersession with Dr. Gai for a political science trip. During said trip, a consistent theme in my travels was China’s current internal labor migration phenomenon – people are moving from the countryside and villages to the cities to pursue factory labor, construction jobs, etc. The migrants can be largely held responsible for China’s GDP explosion in the last 10 years, so while in China, I conducted interviews with students and university professors to see the changing assessment and differences in opinions of how migrant laborers and are affecting China on a personal and national level. It served a wonderful networking opportunity, as well as a great way to continue perfecting my Mandarin language skills.
How will your Magellan Project help with your plans after graduation? 
I plan on furthering my experiences with China into graduate school, hopefully being able to ultimately establish myself in a Chinese market.