Conn, Jeffrey

Jeffrey ConnThorp Reed & Armstrong
Managing Partner

What attracted Jeffrey Conn to Washington & Jefferson College was not just its sterling reputation as a pre-law school, but also its ability to provide him with the best of both worlds in academics and athletics. “My goal was to attend the college that would best prepare me for law school and at the same time, allow me to play basketball for a solid program that was very competitive,” he explains. “I felt that W&J gave me the best opportunity to meet both of these goals.”

Upon graduation from W&J, Conn began to set even loftier goals. In 1986, he enrolled in law school at the University of Pittsburgh and quickly procured a position as a summer associate for Thorp Reed & Armstrong. Ten years later, Conn’s dedication and exceptional work were rewarded when he became partner. As head of the financial and real estate transactions department, Conn easily navigates through the complexities of commercial finance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate counseling, strategic planning, and real estate work. Named one of “The Best Lawyers in America,” Conn works to build strong relationships with his clients. In 2007, Conn was named managing partner of Thorp Reed & Armstrong, becoming one of the youngest people to hold that position in the firm.

In addition to excelling in the field of law, Conn finds balance in his busy career by engrossing himself in his favorite pastime—basketball. “At W&J, I enjoyed the competition, hard work, and dedication necessary to have success on the basketball court,” he recalls. To share those fond memories with others, he gives back to his community by directing and coaching basketball, baseball, and football youth programs.

More than 20 years after receiving his degree from W&J, Conn credits the College with fostering an environment where students are given both excellent academic and social opportunities. “Enjoy your time at W&J, and take advantage of the opportunities to experience everything that the College offers,” he advises. “It will prepare you well for life after graduation.”