Dyster, Lyn

Lyn DysterKinex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Co-Founder and Vice President of Drug Discovery

Dr. Lyn Dyster has devoted her life to fighting cancer and other debilitating disorders through ground-breaking research and drug discovery. She has helped develop new breast cancer diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and is a founder of Kinex Pharmaceuticals, a biotech firm that is developing break-through medicines for cancer,osteoporosis, hearing loss, obesity, and ischemic disease.

During her years as a student at W&J, Dyster developed lasting relationships with several professorsand not all of them scientists. She remembers Dr. Richard Dryden, professor of biology, as supportive and challenging and Dr. Hugh Taylor as a phenomenal art professor. She studied piano with Professor William Hudgins and still plays the instrument as a relief from the rigors of her scientific research and business leadership responsibilities. According to Dyster, this balance between science and art is one of the most important things that a student can learn in college. When I started a company, the liberal arts helped me because I learned to be flexible, she says. As the leader in a growing firm, she still has to be flexible. I dont really have one particular job, she says, I love being involved in many aspects of the company.

Dyster remains very involved with W&J. She enjoys being a member of the Board of Trustees and watching the College grow and change. Greek life is toned down, the food is much better, and the facilities are much more upscale than when she was a student, she says. But these changes have not affected the focus on the students that defines the essence of W&J. Dyster is committed to the College today because W&J was so committed to her as a student.