Marcy, Charles

Marcy, CharlesHealthy Food Holdings
Founder and President
CLASS OF 1972 

Charles Chuck Marcy understands the value of teamwork, vision, and leadership. He has combined these values successfully as CEO for Horizon Organic and continues to do so as president and founder of Healthy Food Holdings. A recipient of the prestigious Colorado Ethics in Business Award, he guided Horizon Organic past many milestones, including the $200 million sales mark, before selling the company to Dean Foods. Today, he is starting a new venture and a new team with Healthy Foods.

A recruiter, a friend, and too little time are the three reasons that Marcy came to Washington & Jefferson College . A friend of mine from high school was already attending W&J when a recruiter from the College came to my high school in upstate New York, Marcy relates. The recruiter sparked his interest. As I began to prepare to go to New Zealand for my senior year of high school, I said to myself, W&J is the only college that I know anything about, so naturally, it was the only school to which I applied. Marcy was accepted to W&J and graduated magna cum laude four years later as valedictorian of his class.

Marcy has many good memories of W&J, but one in particular sticks out in his mind. He broke his finger playing intramural flag football the night before an important quiz in one of his classes, but the compassionate professor decided that since Marcy could not write, he would postpone the quiz for the entire class. This closeness between the faculty and students is a hallmark of W&J, where most classes have fewer than 15 students.

The best part of my experience at W&J was learning how to think, says Marcy. During his post-graduate studies at Harvard University, Marcy says that he saw many students who, despite work experience, had limited analytical thinking skills. But, fortunately, W&J taught him that learning is not about memorizing facts heard in class about careful analysis and precise thinking. These skills have served him well in his career as an innovative entrepreneur.