Nason, Charles "Tuck"

Charles “Tuck” NasonThe Acacia Group
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Retired

At Washington & Jefferson College, Charles "Tuck" Nason learned to work hard in order to pursue his goals. He says, "The College was a major catalyst in my maturation both from an intellectual perspective as well as a personal perspective." He adds that the critical-thinking skills and the work ethic that he developed at W&J have been keys to his success.

When Nason went on to earn his master's degree in business administration at the University of Pittsburgh, his psychology major from W&J proved to be beneficial. "I believe that an understanding of human personal interaction is extremely beneficial in the business world," he says. After a two-year tour of duty in Korea as a first lieutenant with the U.S. Defense Artillery, Nason put his business skills and his knowledge of human behavior to work—first at Metropolitan Life and then at Acacia Life Insurance Company. At Acacia, Nason's leadership skills propelled him rapidly through the ranks, and he became chief executive officer in 1988, a position he held until his retirement in 2003. With Nason at its helm, the Acacia Group's managed assets quadrupled in size to more than $15 billion.

Today, Nason continues to apply his business acumen and experience by serving on various boards for organizations, including the Washington Real Estate Investment Trust, Medstar Inc., and Greenspring Financial Ltd. During his time at Acacia, he also was active as chairman of the Greater Washington D.C. Board of Trade and the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association, and as a board member of the American Council of Life Insurers, Federal City Council, and Greater Washington Boys and Girls Clubs. Enjoying his retirement, Nason says, "I find this current phase of my life most rewarding, balancing leisure and relaxation with the intellectual stimulation of my current business activities."

A member of the College's board of trustees for 19 years, Nason completed a three-year term as chair, demonstrating his commitment to the College and its values. "I always have been willing to serve," he says. "I enjoy being of assistance to one of the leading liberal arts colleges in America."