Rice, Glenn

Rice, GlennBridge Pharmaceuticals
Founder, CEO, and President

Although Dr. Glenn Rice majored in biology at W&J, he was also an entrepreneur out of the classroom. Little did he realize the combination ultimately portended his career.

During a late night workshop on the "history of the martini" in his junior year with his fellow classmate David White, the two decided to trademark the local slang word "Yunz." Subsequently they began a thriving T-shirt company based on the wildly successful first T-shirt that simply said "Yunz is Neat."

After graduation, Rice had a choice of pursuing the t-shirt business or going to graduate school in biological sciences. He looks back at the W&J intercession program in cancer research in Allegheny Hospital as a pivotal decision point. The principal investigator with whom he worked, Dr. Ronald Schenken, posited that selling T-shirts for a living, although probably more financially lucrative than a career in academic cancer research, might not be the most rewarding in the context of both intellectual growth and personal contributions to society.

After completing a Ph.D. program, Rice became become a serial entrepreneur of venture capital-backed biotechnology companies, using a background in science to commercially develop new pharmaceutical drugs for unmet medical needs. He has individually founded or helped found five biotech companies, some of which have undertaken Nasdaq IPO's or been merged with publicly traded companies. Currently, Rice is founder and CEO and President of Bridge Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the leading pharmaceutical contract drug development company in China with over 300 employees in laboratories in Beijing, Taipei and Washington DC. Previously Glenn headed SRI International (Stanford Research Institute, Menlo Park, CA) Biopharmaceuticals. His other companies include ILEX Oncology, Convergence, Cytokine Networks, Cell Therapeutics, C-Path Institute, Emerging Med and Genentech. Dr. Rice is currently an inventor on over 20 patents or patent applications has authored over 75 manuscripts and book chapters as well as being featured on Beijing TV together with the Mayor of San Francisco and the two Vice Mayors of Beijing!

Rice's advice to students is simple: "Learn the technical skills so that you have a base beyond just business, and if I were you, I would learn Mandarin now."