EVS350Environmental Reclamation

This course explores the challenges and opportunities attendant to efforts in environmental remediation and mitigation. Lectures and field experiences highlight multi-stakeholder partnerships and autogenic repair of hydrology, nutrient cycling, and energy capture. Skills are developed in risk analysis, cost/benefit analysis, and soil analysis. Case study analyses of natural and human-induced environmental disasters integrate social, economic, ethical, political and ecological issues. Special attention is given to pervasive issues in the northeastern United States such as urban/rural brownfields, surface and subsurface coal mining, clear-cutting, and degraded agricultural land. Students develop a reclamation project proposal that focuses on aspects of their particular majors.
Case studies covered in the course include the Bark Camp mine in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania where coal fly ash was mixed with dredged sludge to reclaim a 1.5-miles long surface mine.This is a core course in the Minor Program and a Natural Science Elective in the Major Program.