Stage Combat workshop

Monday, October 22, 2012 - 10:30 AM
Olin theatre

Workshop times are 10:30 am AND 1:00 pm.

“I should have wormed you, sir” — Basic Stage Combat

In this workshop, participants will examine the text and context surrounding the fights in Shakespeare’s and his contemporaries’ plays for clues regarding movement and style. Then, participants will observe our trained actor combatants perform choreographed fights and hear, from fight captains, or choreographers, the motivation behind each choice and its connection to the text of the play and the style of fighting called for in the period. Participants then practice stage combat techniques, and apply the skills in a safe environment. All participants should be of high-school age or older.

View examples of our stage combat workshops on Youtube: swordfighting positions; what Mercutio's final words tell you about his injuries; Juliet's Death.