Honors Project Presentation: Katilyn Mascatelli

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Dieter-Porter Hall, Room 300

Katilyn Mascatelli, Psychology Major and Gender and Women's Studies Minor, will be presenting her Honors project, "Effect of Title of Address and Surname on Perceptions of Married Female Academics", Wednesday, December 5, 4:00pm, Dieter-Porter 300.

This is an open presentation to the campus community. Anyone is welcome to attend.

The abstract for Katilyn's work is below:

The potential mitigating effects of the title of address of “Dr.” for married female academics with varying choices of surname was investigated. Students and faculty or staff at an undergraduate institution were exposed to one of six conditions describing a female adjunct professor who had changed her last name upon marriage, kept her maiden name, or hyphenated her name, and who was referred to with either no title of address or the title of “Dr.” Participants then rated the target on a series of stereotypically masculine, feminine, and androgynous characteristics and gave their opinions about the target’s qualities in her personal and professional life. Participants did not rate the target differently on the gender-stereotyped and performance measures based on surname or title of address, nor did surname and title of address interact. However, students rated the target higher on measures of masculinity, femininity, and professional life competency than faculty and staff.