Funding Priorities

Washington & Jefferson College produces a world-class educational experience that all Presidents can be proud of. W&J identified several sets of funding priorities; gifts that support these priorities from alumni, parents and friends enhance quality and build on the W&J experience. Learn more on the various funding priorities below. 

For more information on these funding priorities and ways to get involved, please contact Michele Abate Hufnagel '93, Executive Director, Development & Alumni Relations at or 724-223-6503.

THE W&J FUNDStudents work in the lab during Chemistry of Perfume and France Intersession course. A portion of the course was spent in the labs at W&J and the other portion of the course was spent exploring France.

A funding gap exists between what it costs Washington & Jefferson College to educate a full-time student for one year, and what the average student pays in tuition. The truth is that tuition and room and board fees cover less than 68 percent of this cost. Gifts, from our generous alumni and friends, designated to the W&J Fund help cover this difference.


Our faculty aren't just teachers.  They nurture, mentor and inspire our students. They are the very foundation of a W&J education.  Increasing the number of endowed professional chairs is crucial in order to attract and retain the best faculty to W&J. Such funds allow our faculty to continue to grow and develop. 



98% of W&J students receive financial assistance totaling more than $37 million annually.  This is only possible through the generosity of endowed gifts from alumni and friends. Merit scholarships are those offered to students based on academic performance and potential for the future.  These scholarships help attract bright and talented young men and women to W&J. Need-based scholarships are those offered to students who demonstrate financial need. At W&J, we want to ensure that lack of financial support never stands as an obstacle to bright, deserving men and women. 

These scholarships also come from generous alumni and friends who were often assisted in their time of financial need as students. 


The quality of our education rests on the ability of faculty to adapt their academic programs to meet the standards of tomorrow. These programs are designed and implemented to push students farther than they thought possible, to challenge them to develop critical thinking skills, and to craft them into well-rounded men and women ready for tomorrow's world.  At W&J, our students truly embody the idea of a liberal arts education.

You can support academic programs in a number of ways. Gifts from alumni and friends can help start new degree programs, fund internships, endow new centers of learning, support the sciences, so much more. 

SUPPORT THE MAGELLAN PROJECTEmily Dowler '12, a 2011 Magellan scholar, spent the summer as a medical volunteer in South Africa.

Each summer, Magellan scholars explore the world and broaden their breadth of knowledge through Magellan Projects. These projects challenge students to think on their own, contribute to the greater good of the world, and gain the confidence that comes with a W&J education. Past Magellan Projects have included: studying Holocaust sites in Europe, marketing perfumes in Switzerland, exploring health care systems in Cyprus, and assessing worker safety in Pittsburgh. 

This initiative and the experiences it offers W&J students would not be possible without the generous support of alumni and donors. The College currently awards more than 60 Magellan stipends per year, but with additional support, W&J can extend this rare and valuable opportunity to even more young men and women.


An uncommon education requires uncommon resources and facilities.  Our students need the ability to conduct research, compete with graduate students and professionals, and experience the technology that makes it all possible. Our students cannot commit to the level of scholarship demanded by the faculty without the benefit of the advanced facilities, fresh learning environments, and modern tools to advance their breadth of knowledge and experience.  Our faculty cannot challenge their students to be better, to be greater with the outdated equipment of yesterday.

Modern facilities not only ensure the high quality of education at W&J.  They also help give the college a competitive advantage in recruiting the brightest and the best young men and women from across the country and even the world.