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The Washington & Jefferson College team of Admission and Financial Aid counselors are Team You. We want to know what brings you joy, what goals you have, how you imagine your professional life, the concerns you have, and what positive impact you hope to make in the world. Because, when we know, we can help you create the college experience to take you there.

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We're so eager to talk to you, we send W&J College Admission counselors to events to meet with you and answer your questions. Find out when we'll be in your area.

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Admission and Financial Aid Leadership

VP Nicole Focareto portrait

Nicole Focareto

Vice President for Enrollment

Bob Adkins

Robert Adkins

Dean of Admission

Bethany Iñesta Bowman

Director of Financial Aid

Admission and Financial Aid Counselors

Contact an Admission Counselor with any questions that you have about W&J College, the Admission process, or financial aid.

Nicole Shannon

Associate Director of Admission & Strategic Recruitment

Dylan Gerald portrait

Dylan Gerald

Associate Director of Admission & Admitted Student Yield

Thomas Karcher

Thomas Karcher

Senior Assistant Director of Admission

Karen Gerardi portrait

Karen Gerardi

Senior Assistant Director of Transfer Students & Operations

Maurlynda Douty portrait

Maurlynda Douty

Assistant Director of Admission

Kodee Cardillo portrait

Kodee Cardillo

Assistant Director of Admission

Samuel Stanton

Assistant Director of Admission

Kevin Totty portrait

Kevin Totty

Senior Associate Director, Financial Aid

Adam Manno

Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Student Employment Coordinator

Kathryn Plump

Assistant Director of Financial Aid & Loan Officer

Admission and Financial Aid Operations

Rianna Wontrop

Senior Manager of Enrollment Operations

Carson Fox

Carson Fox

Associate Director of Strategic Recruitment Marketing

Kyle Digiandomenico

Manager of Enrollment Technology and Data Analytics

Lorraine Jackson

Enrollment Specialist

Laurie Liekar

Enrollment Specialist

Kathryn Koller

Visitor Services Coordinator