International Student Services

The Office of Global Education supports two distinct groups of international students. International exchange students come to W&J for one or two semesters as part of an exchange agreement between their home university and W&J. Degree-seeking international students come to W&J for their entire college experience. The Office of Global Education is pleased to support both groups of students throughout their stay at W&J, whether they come for one semester or the full four years.

Once they have been admitted to the College, international students are contacted by the Office of Global Education. We deal with each student on an individual basis to provide visa support, offer advice for pre-departure preparations, and meet them upon their arrival at Pittsburgh International Airport.

Upon arrival on campus, international students are given a full orientation to Washington & Jefferson College. During this orientation, students are introduced to the vital departments of the College so that they may begin to take control of their new lives. Visits are conducted to the Business Office, Student Health Services and Public Safety in order to familiarize students with their services. Also, we address issues such as maintenance of visa status and program responsibilities, study skills, the academic standards of the College, campus computer facilities and usage, and banking in the U.S.

The Office of Global Education also guides international exchange students through the process of preliminary class registration, helps them to obtain on-campus housing, and provides academic advising throughout the semester. (Degree-seeking international students receive these same services through other offices on campus.)

Once classes begin, we offer support services for our international student body including but not limited to:

  • Counseling by full time staff in areas of social, personal and cultural adjustment
  • Resource center for general living needs
  • Counseling on travel in and out of the U.S. in legal immigration status
  • On-campus events
  • Excursions to local attractions
  • Opportunities for cultural exchange on-campus and within the community
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