Seville, Spain

About Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO)

Established in 1997, the Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO) is one of the youngest public universities in Spain. It is located approximately 5 miles from the center of Seville (about 15-25 minutes by bus). UPO offers a comprehensive campus with sports facilities, computing centers, food services as well as other academic services. Its student population consists of approximately 8,000 students.

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Upon arrival in Spain, all students take a Spanish placement exam. Many students will place into the Hispanic Studies Program, which offers coursework in both Spanish and English, geared toward foreign students. Students who place at a high level of Spanish may enroll in the University Integration Program, which allows them to enroll in regular university courses with Spanish students.

Fall students enrolled in the University Integration Program should note that they must follow the Spanish calendar.

Room & Board

Students live with a Spanish homestay. The homestay includes 3 meals daily plus laundry services once or twice per week. If a student cannot come home for lunch, they can request a packed lunch from their "senora".

Students can choose between Montequinto (a 15-25 minute walk to campus depending on the location of the family stay) or Seville. Families in Seville close to the bus line to the University (approximately half way between the city center and the University).