Graduate and Continuing Studies

The Office of Graduate & Continuing Studies (GCS) at Washington & Jefferson College was created by a vote of the full faculty on November 30, 2012. This vote marks an exciting new chapter in the history of Washington & Jefferson College.  Although W&J has a long history of offering degrees beyond the bachelor's degree, the focus for the past thirty years has been almost exclusively on undergraduate education.

The new GCS office is currently exploring a small number of select graduate level programs. After full consideration and approval by the faculty, administration, and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the GCS office will begin offering post-baccaleareate programs for our local community and beyond. Check back to see our progress or contact the Associate Dean of Graduate and Continuing Studies, Dr. Michael Shaughnessy, for more information.


Additionally, the office offers a number of specialized non-degree programs such as the English Language Institute.

The mission of the Graduate and Continuing Studies Program is to graduate individuals who master current developments and technologies in their fields; engage in innovative research and praxis; and embody a commitment to the liberal arts values of critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and responsible citizenship.


  • Through the faculty governance system, the faculty will have oversight of the curriculum, academic standards, and faculty standards of the Graduate and Continuing Studies Program.
  • No specific program may be offered until it is approved by the faculty and accredited.
  • All programs offered will be periodically reviewed.
  • The administration will share a financial analysis of the Graduate and Continuing Studies Program with the Faculty Executive Committee at least annually.