International Admissions

Photo by W&J student Jiaru Chen

In order for you to be considered for admission to Washington & Jefferson College as an international exchange student, your university must participate in a Study Abroad Exchange Agreement with W&J. If your university does not have this agreement in place, you cannot study at W&J as an international exchange student.

Before applying as an international exchange student, please be sure to consult the International Programs Office at your home institution. With their approval and assistance, you may then complete the international exchange student application and submit it to W&J's Office of Study Abroad.

Deadlines for admission:

  • March 15 to participate in our fall semester or full academic year exchanges
  • November 1 to participate in our spring semester or full calendar year exchanges

Students wishing to attend W&J as degree-seeking international students should visit the Office of Admission page for international students for more information about how to apply.