Language, Art and Dance in Ghana

Morgan Link '13

Hometown: Levittown, PA
Majors: International Studies and Spanish
Concentration: Latin American Studies

Magellan Project Description
While in Ghana, I conducted research in order to study the different methods of communications, including expression through art, music, and dance. Outside of my personal research, I taught a fifth grade level class of 43 students, at the Good Shepherd Orphanage. This is an international school that hosts students of all ages with poor economic conditions, as well as orphans who live at the school permanently.

How will your Magellan Project help with your plans after graduation?
The Magellan Project serves as a unique and exceptional experience to expand your cultural, societal, and economic knowledge and much more. Through this scholarship I gained the confidence and courage to continue traveling, to continue learning, and thus I continue to expand my goals post-graduation.