Recipients & Projects

Summer 2013

Geary Award for Freshmen (Class of 2016):
  • Emma Church. Scotland. Historical research on the cultural impact of Scottish castles
  • Elizabeth Ekstrand. Germany and England. Examining the effects of WWII through architectural photography and research
  • Natalie Gill. Ireland, England and France. Studying American versus European presumptions about today's rising generation of leaders
  • Jenna Nguyen. England. Analyzing patient care and healthcare systems in England
  • Alexandria Sayers. Ireland. Studying Irish culture and society and exploring natural landscape
  • Donte Stevens. Italy. Studying the history of Sicily
  • Ronnie Thomas-Smith. Baltimore, MD. Medical research and shadowing
  • Aaron Walayat. England, Ireland, and Switzerland. Research on religious liberty in Western Europe
Walker Award for Sophomores (Class of 2015):
  • Carley Adams. Spain and Morocco. Analysis and comparison of the arts in Spain and Morocco
  • Connor Alderman. Mexico. Studying commerce and occupational differences in different regions of Mexico
  • Paige Alderson. Uganda. Comparative analysis of orphanages and their impact on society
  • Nicole Allison. South Africa. Observation of South African culture and African independent churches
  • Jared Baird. England. Studying the effects of government-mandated healthcare in London
  • Catherine Beaudoin. Germany and Czech Republic. Study of contemporary art in Berlin and Prague
  • Joseline Cortez. Spain and Italy. Studying the Latin American population in Spain and Italy
  • Christopher DeNunzio. Ecuador and New York, NY. Examining the effects of fair trade coffee laws on coffee farmers and traders
  • Lauren Horning. Argentina. Sustainable living on organic farms
  • Alessandra Jacobs. Germany, Poland and Belarus. Studying Holocaust sites and heritage in Eastern Europe
  • Adam Kmett. China. Cross-cultural investigation of China
  • Morgan Mattingly. Spain and Morocco. Literary research on the cultural exchange of Spain and Morocco
  • Jake Meyers. South Africa. Researching great white sharks
  • Thea Prince. Belarus, Poland and Germany. Comparing today's Jewish culture in three countries
  • Gadwin Stewart. India. Studying the slums of India from a sociological perspective
  • Genevieve VanVoorhis. France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Creative writing through art observation
  • Daniel Walters. Italy. Studying the current relevancy of the papacy
  • Christopher Watson. England. Studying sports psychology and business with English Premier League teams
  • Chelsea Wise. Paraguay. Cultural studies and missionary work teaching English in Paraguay
Kelso Award for Juniors (Class of 2014):
  • Ciarra Bell. Seattle, WA and Fresno, CA. Studying pediatric occupational therapy
  • Anthony Bocchine. Germany. Independent research on intercultural color and shape differences
  • Melissa Brewer. Spain. Studying the history of dance
  • Allyse Corbin. Greece. Studying the impact of ancient Greek mythology on the development of rhetoric and theatre
  • Stefan Gochev. Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Montenegro. Research and development project on self-sustainable renewable energy within the Balkan region
  • LeQuira Hutson. The Gambia. Research on how African history affects colorism in Banjul
  • TaTiana Johnson. Belize. Comparison of US democratic party and Belize national party
  • Emily Kauffman. Southwestern US. Studying the unique confluence of culture and art that thrives in the southwestern US
  • David Loeffler. Boston, MA and Hanover, NH. Literary and historical research on Phillis Wheatley and Samson Occom
  • Maura Lyle. Peru. Working in Peruvian hospitals and studying their socialized medical system
  • Andrew McInnis. Fiji. Coral restoration through resource management
  • Elizabeth Pace. Washington, PA. Interning and researching at the Literacy Council
  • Bianca Rajan. Bali and Thailand. Conservation program research in two different cultures
  • Jordan Reiner. Australia. Studying the underwater world of reefs and their ecosystem
  • Dana Ritchey. Germany and Switzerland. Environmental research on conservation methods in German-speaking countries
  • Zachary Rosinger. England. Psychological/neuroscience research on nutrition and cerebral functioning/vascular health
  • Katelyn Vannoy. Cook Islands and Pittsburgh, PA. Comparison of trap/release programs
  • Tyler Watson. Baltimore, MD. Gastroenterology clinical research
  • Candace Woods. Los Angeles, CA. Research on the entertainment industry and how it affects the LA community
Franklin Internship Award:
  • Thary Chea. Ecuador. Marketing internship with non-profit information network organization
  • Gretchen Cline. Pittsburgh, PA. Internship with Peter Argentine Productions
  • Sara Crayton. Pittsburgh, PA. Internship with the Animal Rescue League
  • Jessica Dance. Arlington, VA. Internship with Shared Hope International
  • Jeffrey Germak. Washington, D.C. Public affairs internship with Export-Import Bank of the US
  • Ashlyn Mannery. Bloomington, IN. Neuroscience research internship on animal behavior and decision making, University of Indiana
  • Cody Mitchell. Pittsburgh, PA. Investment internship with Schenley Park Advisors
  • Hla Hpone Myint. Washington, D.C. Internship with Light of Dhamma Buddhist Monastery and US-ASEAN Business Council
  • Huong Nguyen. Columbus, OH. Interning in Ohio State University Student Life Office
  • Casey Ortega. Canonsburg, PA. Graphic design internship with Innovations
  • Kenny Roberts. Washington, D.C. Internship with Senator Rockefeller of West Virginia
  • Coni Salinas. Houston, TX. Marketing internship with Hispanic Agua Marketing
  • James Schrecengost. Washington, D.C. Research analysis/internship with the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department
  • Kara Seamon. Pittsburgh, PA. Accounting auditing internship with Deloitte & Touche
  • Justin Simpson. Pittsburgh, PA. Finance internship with Northwestern Mutual
  • Meghan Sinn. Pittsburgh, PA. IT attestation/advisory internship with KPMG
  • Jenna Supp. Canonsburg, PA. Marketing and communications internship with Innovations
Summer 2012
Geary Award for Freshmen (Class of 2015):
  • Adam Kmett. Great Britain. Identifying cross-cultural misconceptions between the US and the UK
  • Morgan Mattingly. Ireland. Research on traditional oral stories related to Ogham stones
  • Jake Meyers. Ecuador/Galapagos Islands. Observe ecotourism impact and study wildlife
  • Casey Ortega. Zuni, New Mexico. Research on the history and importance of physical activity in the Zuni
  • Austin Pilkington. Tbilisi, Georgia. Research on religious involvement in Georgia post conflict with Russia
Walker Award for Sophomores (Class of 2014):
  • Thary Chea. Bolivia. Observe NPO on-site coordinator and volunteer with handicapped youth
  • Allyse Corbin. New York/Anaheim, CA. Research on how theater impacts the community
  • TaTiana Johnson. Wellington, New Zealand. Research on feminism in its birthplace
  • Emily Kauffman. Ireland. Research on Irish music origins and evolution
  • Andrew McInnis. Ecuador. Flora/fauna inventories and ethno-botanical study
  • Evan Rosenberg. India. Research on Tibetan traditional medicine and benefits of yoga/meditation
  • Coni Salinas. New York/Chicago/Los Angeles. Research on different Latino communities in the U.S.
  • Briana Savage. Martinique. Research on social-class divides caused by bilingualism
  • Meagan Smith. Boston. Remodeling the synthesis of a natural product
  • Amanda Tse. Costa Rica. Medical mission trip and research on the Costa Rican healthcare system
Kelso Award for Juniors (Class of 2013):
  • Erin Barno. London and Paris. Art research on English landscape painting and French Impressionism
  • Charlotte Bateman. Spain. Research on Celtic influences in the northern region of Spain
  • Damian Bosiacki. U.S., multiple cities. Research on the culture of comedy across the U.S.
  • Rebecca Hendricks. Paris, France. Research on the Holocaust in France through the Vel D'Hiv roundup
  • Hannah Isaacs. Dublin, Ireland. Literary research on James Joyce
  • Sean Leehan. U.S., multiple cities. Research on advancements in treating pediatric brain cancer
  • Kimberly Loughman. England. Research on medieval feudal castles and their role in country defense
  • Alexander Nallin. Israel. Research on how outbreaks of violence affect tourism industry
  • Michael Nemchick. Seoul, Korea. Historical research on the use of comfort women during WWII
  • Eva Pfeffer. Ecuador/Peru/Chile. Research to compare the differences between graffiti and artwork within three South American countries
  • Wallace Riley. Jerusalem, Israel. Research on the history, cultivation and sustainment of spirituality in Jerusalem
  • Erin Ryan. Ireland. Research on pattern-seeking behavior that leads to believing in superstitions
  • Carley Snoznik. Bolivia. Volunteer mission to Bolivia with a general surgeon
  • Julia Thomas. Hanoi, Vietnam. Learning traditional Vietnamese cuisine to inspire a sustainable diet
Franklin Internship Award:
  • Emily Abraham. Pittsburgh. Audit services internship with Deloitte & Touche
  • Dylan Haas. New York. UBS Financial internship
  • Amanda Knarr. Washington, D.C. Internship with
  • Julia Pacilio. Ohio. Medical research internship in the NICU
  • Haley Roberts. Montana. Internship with summer camp for pediatric cancer patients
  • Alexandra Sossi. Washington, PA. Washington Farmers' Market newsletter writer
  • Katelyn Vannoy. Kentucky/Pennsylvania. Internships at Kentucky Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center and the Animal Rescue League Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Summer 2011
Geary Award for Freshmen (Class of 2014):
  • Alexandra Helberg. Ecuador. Linguistic analysis of medical interactions
  • Rebeca Miller. Ecuador. Teaching English and gender issues
  • Julia Pacilio. Ecuador. Research on health care system
  • Haley Roberts. New Zealand. Medical research internship on granulosa cell tumors
  • Amanda Tse. Peru. Medical volunteering
Walker Award for Sophomores (Class of 2013):
  • Molly Anthony. France. Research on French cuisine
  • Erin Barno. Costa Rica. Interdisciplinary art education
  • Charlotte Bateman. Mexico. Art expressions for special needs children
  • Joseph Brown. Brazil. Research on economic development
  • Joshua Deckman. Nicaragua. Social effects of local schools
  • Tasha Leech. The Gambia. Internship in women's reproductive health
  • Stefanie Mogel. U.S./Europe. Research on public transportation
  • Heather Painter. Germany. Research on media portrayals of American society
  • Kate Rodriguez. New Zealand. Research on wildlife conservatories
  • Whitney Sims-Rucker. New Zealand. Research on Maori reservations
  • Alexandra Sossi. Italy. Research on Italian cuisine and culture
  • Savannah Sprowls. China. Research on economic migration
  • Julia Thomas. France. Literary research on "Lost Generation" 
  • Justin Vath. China. Research on political dissidence
  • Jin Wang. Singapore/China. Internships and research on political economy
Kelso Award for Juniors (Class of 2012):
  • Anna Blake. California/Maryland. Dyslexic tutoring
  • Crystal Clement. Peru. Research on jungle conservation
  • Nitesh Damodara. New Jersey. Neuroscience research
  • Emily Dowler. South Africa. Medical volunteering
  • Michael Harding. Ireland. Sociological research of Irish daily life
  • Danielle Ingerick. Italy. Food, culture, and advertising
  • Donnelle Jageman. India. Women and empowerment
  • Hannah Lott. Ecuador. Research on fair trade coffee production
  • Kaitlyn Loy. Spain/Dublin, Ireland. Theatre production
  • Jacob Nagy. Netherlands. NMR spectroscopy
  • Mario Nigro. Netherlands. NMR spectroscopy
  • Amanda Soraiz. Israel. Research on Israeli-Palestinian crisis
  • Alicia Stoyanoff. Peru. Research on ecotourism and jungle conservation
  • Adam Toomey. Iceland. Research on climate warming
  • Nick Tyger. Dominican Republic/Peru. Medical mission design and research on Incas
  • Courtney Walsh. Ireland. Sociological research
  • Elisabeth Zagar. Pittsburgh. Clinical and literary work at Children's Hospital
Franklin Internship Award:
  • Brett Axner. New York. Internship with Sokolin
  • Jamey Butala. West Virginia. Internship with the Good Zoo
  • Douglas Cannon. Washington, D.C. Internship with Congressman Murphy (PA) and Congressman West (FL)
  • Gina D'Aveni. Chicago. Internship with Digitas
  • Stephen Dukes. New York. Internship with Harry Fox Agency
  • Taylor Hockman. Argentina. Medical internship
  • Michael Liebert. Pittsburgh. Medical internship studying spinal cord stimulation
  • Amanda Knarr. Washington, D.C. Internship with Council on Hemispheric Affairs
  • Kaitlyn Ogilvie. New York. Internship with UBS Financial
  • Jonathan Weeks. Louisiana. Journalism internship with Shreveport Times
Summer 2010
Geary Award for Freshmen (Class of 2013):
  • Erin Barno. Rome and Paris. Roman and French architecture
  • Charlotte Bateman. Mexico. Teaching English
  • Charanya Kaushik. India. Medical system observation and research
  • Amanda Knarr. Ecuador. Volunteering and sociological research
  • Morgan Link. Ghana. Language, art, and dance
  • Justin Markel. Egypt. Healthcare documentary
  • Kelley Morris. Germany. Corporate culture
  • Amirah Polite. China. World Expo, Dragon Boat Festival
  • Whitney Sims-Rucker. The Gambia. Educational opportunities for women
  • Jin Wang. China. Business data analysis
Walker Award for Sophomores (Class of 2012):
  • Lindsay Flavion. Ecuador. Medical volunteer work
  • Gregory French. London. Research on John Milton
  • Gary Hlusko. Ecuador. Poverty and medical volunteer work
  • Amanda Soraiz. Honduras. Habitat for Humanity Global Village
  • Nicholas Tyger. Dominican Republic. Medical mission--managerial
  • Alexander Zoretich. Ecuador. Rural and urban health systems
Kelso Award for Juniors (Class of 2011):
  • Jennifer Alman. Nepal. National Kidney Center
  • Eric Baran. Poland. Economic analysis
  • Stacey Beam. University of Florida. Health research internship
  • Ashley Briggs. Bordeaux, France. Wine research
  • David Doom. Poland. Economic and business structure research
  • Ashley Krepps. Washington, DC. Internship at Royal Thai Embassy
  • Sharon McCray. Indianapolis, IN. Breast cancer research
  • Bridget Piko. Netherlands. Synthetic chemistry research
  • Melissa Tolomeo. Philippines. Sociological research
  • Corey Young. Chile. Teaching English, educational research
Franklin Internship Award:
  • Nathan Harmotto
  • Nikki Lu
  • Sara Blankenship
Summer 2009
Geary Award for Freshmen (Class of 2012):
  • Gary Flavion. Normandy, France. Invasion of Normandy
  • Kaity Ogilvie. New York. Smith Barney internship
  • Meghan Reed. Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia. Civil War battlefields
  • Nicholas Tyger. Dominican Republic. Medical mission
Walker Award for Sophomores (Class of 2011):
  • Corey Young. Mexico. Transportation systems
  • Alyssa Zrimsek. Philadelphia. Museum studies internship
Kelso Award for Juniors (Class of 2010):
  • Steven Barringer. Illinois/Los Angeles. Insurance internship
  • Emily Cerrone. Transylvania. Fortified churches
  • Kayla Curtiss. Paraguay. Poverty relief
  • Tabatha Dorman. Budapest, Hungary. Language study, internship
  • Tyler Frew. UCLA. Cell/molecular biology internship
  • Nathan Graf. Ecuador/Guatemala. Medical training
  • Ashleigh Kazmeraski. Washington, DC. Internship with Rep. Murphy
  • Brendan O'Mahony. Carnegie Mellon University. Nuclear Physics
  • Shane Polen. Netherlands. NMR Spectroscopy
  • Marissa Stevens. Egypt. Archaeology
  • Grant Templin. New York. Smith Barney internship
Ellis Hyman Internship Award (Now known as Franklin Internship Award):
  • Andrea Fletcher. New York. Bioethics internship
  • Daniel Mason. Berlin, Germany. Internship at U.S. Embassy
  • James Pasquine. Bank of NY Mellon internship
  • Rachelle Tritinger. Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh Symphony Public Relations
Summer 2008
Walker Award for Sophomores (Class of 2010):
  • Michael Gielata. South Carolina. Cal Ripken Baseball Camp
Kelso Award for Juniors (Class of 2009):
  • Brittany Anderton. Paris, France. Pasteur Institute
  • Colin Bradley. Germany. Tutoring
  • Matthew Chapman. Germany. Queo Media
  • Allison Dougherty. Geneva, Switzerland. Marketing fragrances
  • Maggie Eshleman. Pittsburgh. Cancer research
  • April Knopp. Costa Rica. Nova publishing
  • Staci Kubiak. Europe. Holocaust
  • Elaina Sendro. Cyprus. Healthcare management
  • Matt Varacallo. Cyprus. Healthcare management
Hyman Award (Now known as Franklin Internship Award):
  • Brittany Anderton. Paris, France. Pasteur Institute
  • Travis Bui-Klimke. Carnegie, PA. Health testing internship
  • Allison Dougherty. Geneva, Switzerland. Marketing fragrances
  • Maggie Eshleman. Pittsburgh. Cancer research
  • Laura Herbeck. Washington, DC. Internship with World Wildlife Fund
  • Tyler Kaido. Washington, DC. Internship with Rep. Zack Space (D-OH)
  • Jarel Settles. Los Angeles. Marketing internship with Universal Music Group
  • Sharon Shi. Los Angeles. Media internship with Starcom MediaVest Group