Making My Choice

April 18, 2014

By Miren Zubillaga ’15

When I came to W&J as a freshman I did not think it was going to be the school for me.  My mom, on the contrary, thought it would be the perfect place for me; and she made a deal with me, that if I didn’t like it after one year I could transfer out and go to the school of my choice.  She loved the small class sizes, thought the academics would suit me, and thought the campus was beautiful; she was also excited that I was going to be able to continue to play field hockey.

I originally found out about the school after I got a letter from the field hockey coach; I expressed my interest over the phone, came on a visit, and decided to be a part of the team.  When I showed up for preseason my freshmen year I did not think I was going to last long. The practices were long, the weather was extremely humid, and I was just not digging it.  It was tough at first, especially being so far away from home, but I managed.  Also the transition from high school classes to college classes was a big change, but I learned a lot freshmen year about studying and staying focused. I kept telling myself “all you have to do is make it one year.”     Although I had my rough moments I made it through my freshmen year knowing much more about myself and what I wanted out of my college experience.

I am now a junior at W&J and I can honestly say that I enjoy living on this campus and being a part of the student body.   I have experienced the life of a college athlete–I am now into my third year on the field hockey team.  I have opened up more and become more confident with myself.  W&J in many ways has shaped the person I am in the classroom and on the field hockey field. I guess my mom really was right – W & J  is a good fit for me, and I love all the memories I have made here thus far.

Miren Zubillaga is a junior at Washington & Jefferson College majoring in English with a Professional Writing concentration.