Medical System Observation & Research in India

Charanya Kaushik '13

Hometown:  Pittsburgh, PA
Majors:  Biochemistry & Spanish
Pre-Professional Program:  Pre-Health

Magellan Project Description:
2010 Magellan in Bangalore, India
I completed a 5-week Magellan last summer where I volunteered in a cardiology hospital in India, studying the causes of heart disease in the patients. Since it was a government hospital, many of the patients lived below the poverty line. It was a very eye-opening experience into the health care infrastructure of a foreign country, and was an interesting comparison to ours since India is a third world country.

How will your Magellan Project help with your plans after graduation?
Gaining an international perspective on medicine and the health care system through this Magellan was invaluable to me, as I intend to attend medical school in the future. This experience really made me aware of the health care needs of a growing, globalized population.