2014 National Joint Mathematics Meeting in Baltimore

Janet Harding, Kim Jones, Jenny Kline, Ryan Higginbottom and Roman Wong of the Mathematics department were accompanied by eleven students, Jake Fluke (’14), Ron Graf (’14), Casey Hansen (’14) Laura Lee (’14), Sean Leavor (’15), Zoe Levenson (’14), Kim Phillips (’15), Zachary Pochiba (’15),  Hope Snyder (’14), Savanna Starko (’16), and Samantha Taylor (’14) to the 2014 National Joint Mathematics Meeting in Baltimore on January 15-18.

Hope Snyder gave a talk on “How Low Can You Go? Estimating the Maximum of a Polynomial”. The work was the research she did with a group in a REU at Kent State University last summer. Kim Phillips presented a talk on “Tiling m-Deficient Mutilated Chessboards with m-Polyominoes”, a research she did with Dr. Higginbottom in the last six months.  Sean Leavor and Zack Pochiba gave a talk on “Aperiodic Binary Strings”.  The work was an extension of their Junior MathTalk they did with Dr. Wong in the fall.

During the conference, students attended talks on Mathematics and Sports and other presentations.  They also attended the Book Exhibits and the Graduate School Fair at the conference. A math alumna, Michaela (Kimbell) Kubacki (’07), was at the conference and she came to all the presentations by our W&J students.  Michaela will receive her doctorate in applied mathematics this year from the University of Pittsburgh.  Two math alumnae, Emily Sasala (’13) and Cammie Monahan (’13), also travelled to the conference to reminisce with their former W&J friends.  They attended our student presentations and joined us at the group dinner on Friday evening.