Math Students and Faculty Attend Mathematical Association of America

Sixteen students (Melissa Brewer*, Tommy Brunoni, Maria Buggey*, Jessica Kidwell, Ron Graf*, Jared Jones*, Laura Lee*, Zoe Levenson*, Catherine Monahan, Jenna Nguyen, Esmeralda Patricio, Emily Sasala*, Alexandra Sortino*, Justin Simpson, Hope Snyder* and Samantha Taylor*) and six math faculty (Faun Doherty, Janet Harding, Ryan Higginbottom, Kim Jones, Michael Woltermann, and Roman Wong) attended the 2013 Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Allegheny Mountain Section Meeting at Indiana University of Pennsylvania on April 5-6.

At the meeting, ten students (*) presented at the Student Talks.  These are their Senior and Junior MathTalks they did with Woltermann and Wong this year.  Besides the students’ presentations, two faculty also presented at the Faculty Talks.  Higginbottom gave a talk on “Priming the Pump: Using Reading Assignments to Foster Efficient, Flexible Class Periods” and Woltermann gave a talk on “The Average Area of a Triangle in a Parabolic Sector”.

The 22 students and faculty from W&J amounted to 9% of the all participants at this IUP conference.  W&J will host the MAA Allegheny Mountain Section Meeting in spring 2015.