My Campus Hideaway

April 18, 2014

By Haley Roberts ’14

The fancy Swanson Science Center, which was built in 2010, is the shiny new gem on W&J’s campus. However, few know that Swanson offers great spaces to study that don’t involve lab benches or big lecture halls.

If you walk down into the basement of the building (the ground floor), you’ll find a surprisingly pleasant and sunny study space I like to claim for myself. Most evenings, classrooms in the Swanson Science Center are left unlocked for students to use as quiet study areas, and my favorite is Room 004. At first glance, room 004 may look like just a boring classroom with three rows of desks and a chalk board, but I don’t study in its metal chairs.  Instead, I choose to scramble up to the cozy window ledges that are so wide and long that I can sit on them. In order to access my secret spot, I just climb up on a desk and move the shades! Since the shades are usually down to prevent sunlight glare on the projector screen, students on campus hardly know that they make a great study space! Personally, I think it’s the most inviting place on campus to read. Not only is it private and secluded, it’s sunny, comfortable, and calming. Usually, you can see locals walking their dogs or the occasional runner in your periphery while you read, and there’s always an opportunity to take a break to people watch! During finals week, if I’m not sleeping in my dorm room or in the Commons eating a meal, you’ll find me tucked away from civilization with a thick textbook in my own W&J hide-away.

Haley Roberts is a senior Economics major and Mathematics minor. She is a member of the cross country and track & field teams and a two-time Magellan scholar who hopes to pursue a career in healthcare policy and economics upon graduation.