Campus, Local Community Invited to W&J Trivia Night

WASHINGTON, Pa. (Sept. 16, 2011)—Which western Pennsylvania college is hosting its first-ever Trivia Night Monday, Sept. 19?

The answer is Washington & Jefferson College, and students, staff, faculty and local residents are invited to team up in the friendly “competition” at 7 p.m. at the Union Grill on Wheeling Street in Washington. Questions will focus mainly on pop culture, and prizes will be given to the winners, but James Amato, Assistant Dean of Student Life and Director of Residence Life at W&J, sees the event as a win for everyone.

“Our President, Dr. Tori Haring-Smith, often says that ‘college is a conversation,’ and we hope that Trivia Night creates a fun environment and additional opportunities for conversation and connections between the campus and greater community,” Amato said.

The Union Grill will provide free appetizers and refreshments and the full menu will be available for purchase.

“The contest will not be speed driven, but based on points per correct answers submitted,” Amato said. “We guarantee space for our students, but invite those from the community who accept the W&J Trivia Night challenge."

Amato said, based on the success of the event, more may be scheduled on a regular basis, perhaps even monthly.