Junior Studying at London School of Economics

WASHINGTON, PA (July 3, 2013)—Washington & Jefferson College (W&J) junior Chris DeNunzio, of Greenwich, Conn., is in London this summer studying at the renowned London School of Economics (LSE).

DeNunzio will study political economy with classmates from over 100 countries and every continent. This is the 25th year of the program, so DeNunzio will take part in some special lectures and other celebratory events, as well.

“The Program attracts the best students from all across the globe and the economics program at the London School is generally ranked in the top 15 in the world, so it is quite an accomplishment for Chris,” said Robert Dunn, Ph.D., assistant professor of economics at W&J and DeNunzio’s adviser.

An economics major and Spanish minor, DeNunzio is a resident assistant, a student worker in the Admission department, and a member of the Presidents’ water polo team.

“I emphasized my liberal arts education in my application to the LSE, which is what originally attracted me to W&J,” DeNunzio said, noting at this point he is interested in a career in investment banking. “I am looking for practical applications for my economics major.”

DeNunzio spent W&J’s January Intersession in an intensive Spanish language program in Valencia, Spain , following the steps of all cultural groups that shaped the Spanish identity while visiting the historical sites in Valencia. A citizen of both the United States and Great Britain, he is looking forward to studying abroad again.

“I was very happy to learn I was accepted. It is a great way to spend the summer following my sophomore year,” DeNunzio said. “W&J has prepared me so well for these types of opportunities. I am looking forward to being at a large school for a little while, to living in London.”

DeNunzio returns home July 31.

“I have had success in College, but I have had to work very hard,” DeNunzio said. “I have learned to work well independently, outside the classroom. I continue to expand my horizons a W&J.”


Chris DeNunzio