We are the W&J Phonathon Team, a group of students devoted to continuing the proud tradition of excellence at W&J. Yes, we call to ask for your financial support, but we also want to personally say thank you for the many opportunities and experiences that we are able to have because of your commitment to W&J.

You will hear from us during September-December, and February-May on Monday through Thursday evenings (calling ends by 9:00PM Eastern time, we promise) and on Saturdays between 11AM-1PM. When you see W&J College on your caller ID, please pick up the phone!



This semester, 43 W&J students worked hard calling alumni, parents and friends of the college to raise money through the Phonathon. Throughout the semester, our students have spoken with more than 3,000 members of our W&J community. From these calls our students raised $69,735.50 from 581 donors. Here are some statistics from our Phonathon.

Of the 581 people who gave to the Spring 2012 Phonathon:
• 223 of them supported W&J last year. Thank you!
• 49 of them had never given to W&J. Thank you!
• 92 were Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) alumni. Thank you!
• 130 of them gave on a credit card, which allowed their money to start helping students the same day. Thank you!
• 16 of them gave $1000 or more. Thank you!
• Their average contribution to W&J was $120.03. Thank you!

To everyone who answered our calls and spoke with our students, thank you!
To our student callers who make all of this happen, thank you!
We are done calling for this semester but we will be back in the fall to talk to more alumni, parents, and friends.