The Power of Creativity: Art, Conversation, and the Path to Civility - LLC

When one creates she presents herself in a form other than the one in which she normally appears. Creation, therefore, is an act of re-creation.  In addition, to use the mind completely, one must create—whether he makes a painting or an essay, a sculpture or a play, or an exciting dinner served to a party of friends or family. 

This course explores the creative process and the conversations that arise when one is involved in it.  Each student is required by the end of the semester to create some art, in some form—a short play, a short story, an oral tale, a photo essay, a digital video, an origami project, a rap, a musical composition, a theatre performance, a stand-up comedy routine, a painting, a sculpture, an installation, a garden, a fine meal, and so on ad infinitum.  It is the central contention of the class that through art and the conversations arising from it we become civilized a little.