Practice Rooms

All students—majors, minors, and students from across campus—may use the practice rooms located on both floors of Olin Fine Arts Center. The practice rooms do not require reservations or keys. Some rooms are reserved at certain times for studio lessons and students must yield the room to studio teachers; schedules are posted on the door.

The Music Department’s open-access policy for practice rooms relies on students to exercise responsibility and judgment in using the rooms. Here are some rules and tips so ensure practice rooms are kept in excellent condition and stay open to all students:

1. Keep the practice rooms clean. Take your empty water bottles and trash with you when you leave.
2. Refrain from eating in practice rooms. Fast food smells, burger wrappers, and greasy piano keys are nauseating!
3. Don’t leave belongings in practice rooms for more than 15 minutes. This isn’t your dorm room—be mindful that other students may be waiting to use the room.
4. Don’t sleep in the practice rooms. Practice rooms are for practicing. The library and the campus’ numerous common areas are where you should be napping, talking on the phone, having lunch, and doing your homework.
5. Do not remove music stands, chairs, or benches from the practice rooms.

Olin Fine Arts Center is open every day from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Students wishing to access the building outside of those hours should contact Protection Services.