The Pre-Law Program advises students interested in the legal profession, and helps prepare students for admission to law school. From 1998 – 2011, W&J students were accepted to law schools at a rate of approximately 90%, as compared to a national acceptance rate of 67%.

Although no specific courses are required for pre-law students and such students may major in any subject they choose, students in the following program are encouraged to take courses including, but not limited to: Principles of Accounting I & II; Advanced Composition; American Literature; and various courses in economics, history and political science.

The Pre-Law Program is associated with the Department of Political Science. Pre-Law advisors Dr. Buba Misawa and Dr. Joseph DiSarro offer guidance in choosing appropriate courses, taking the LSATs, visiting law schools, and preparing law school applications.

For more information about the Pre-Law program, see the W&J College Catalog.

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Joseph DiSarro
Joseph DiSarro, Ph.D.
Professor and Department Chair of Political Science

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