About Protection Services

Welcome to the W&J's Campus Security & Protection Services website. Located in Old Main, the Office of Protection Services is open 24 hours daily, seven days a week, to safeguard and serve the students, staff, faculty and visitors of the College community. The department consists of sworn and unsworn officers, who are devoted to the safety of W&J's campus.

We all live in a world that requires a heightened awareness of security and safety. This Web information center has been created to provide you with easy access to our safety and security related information. While Washington, PA, is in a low crime area, we all need to remember that safety and crime prevention are a shared responsibility. Everyone needs to use common sense, be alert, and always lock doors and keep possessions such a cell phones, purses, backpacks and keys with them.

We have installed many safety measures, including 24-hour card access to our residential buildings, emergency phone boxes across campus, a 24 hour a day, seven day a week escort system and security cameras in selected locations. Safety is the responsibility of all community members and it begins with each of us.  Please lock your cars, offices and residential rooms. Contact the Office of Protection Services immediately at 724-223-6032 in case of an emergency or safety concern.

Thank you for keeping our campus beautiful and safe.