Office of the College Chaplain

The mission of the religious program of the College is threefold:

  • To provide opportunities for students to express, learn more about and grow in their own religious faith
  • To provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to learn about the religious beliefs of others
  • To provide venues on campus for discussion and dialogue on matters of religious belief and ethical behavior 

The College Chaplain coordinates a religious program of activities that includes:

  • Planning and implementing religious activities such as convocations, forums, guest speakers, small-group sessions, scholarly discussion, and similar programming;
  • Conducting religious ceremonies such as memorial services;
  • Providing spiritual counseling for students and staff;
  • Advising student religious organizations;
  • Acting as liaison with community religious organizations;
  • Pomoting interfaith cooperation and understanding by offering opportunities for interfaith discussion, field trips, and visits to places of worship;
  • Prticipating in Cllege convocations and programs as requested;
  • Poviding guidance on use of the College Chapel and the Chapel/Meditation Room;
  • Convening the Religious Advisory Board (RAB);
  • Avising the Office of Student Life and the President of the College as appropriate.

For more information, contact the College Chaplain, Dr. Robert Vande Kappelle.

Personal Profile for Dr. Robert Vande Kappelle

The Chaplain's office encourages students to contact the following persons for religious information, counseling, or support:

  • Father Lou Pascazi (724-568-7272)
  • Rabbi David Novitsky (Jewish) serves the Jewish community of Washington as rabbi at Beth Israel Congregation; he is also an adjunct professor of religious studies at the College.