Research on Italian Cuisine and Culture

Alexandra Sossi '13

Hometown:  Pittsburgh, PA
Major:  English
Minor:  Sociology

Magellan Project Description:
I studied in Turin, Italy and travelled to other major cities of Italy like Genoa, Florence, and Rome. My Magellan project was to research the traditions behind Italian food and to see how these change regionally, and to analyze how all of this impacts family life and Italian culture. In particular, I studied cultural movements that have started in Italy, like the Slow Food Movement. Throughout my trip I kept a blog, interviewed Italians, and studied their local markets, and when I came back home I did the same research around my hometown.

How will your Magellan Project help with your plans after graduation?
I hope to become a journalist after I graduate, and although I was researching a lighter subject then what I hope to one day be writing about, my Magellan Project did help me become more comfortable with interviewing people and writing about all of my findings. Especially since I had to overcome an immense language barrier while doing all of my research.