Research on the Health Care System in Ecuador

Julia Pacilio '14

Hometown:  Pittsburgh, PA
Major:  Chemistry
Minor:  Economics

Magellan Project Description:
Thanks to the Magellan Project, I had the opportunity to travel to Cullaje, Ecuador for two months to study in the medical clinics there and to teach English to the children in the villages.  With this experience, I was able to see how fortunate we are in the United States when it comes to medicine, and this made me even more determined to do my best here at W and J on the Pre-Medical path so that I can someday get accepted into Medical school.  Also, I got the chance to learn about  a different culture, and since this was my first time abroad, it helped me to expand my horizons and again, strengthened my desire to complete Medical School and hopefully travel to Ecuador again to treat the people there.

How will your Magellan Project help with your plans after graduation?
It will make me ahead of the other applicants for Medical School because I received the opportunity to study medicine abroad in a third-world country.  Also, I had hands-on experience in medicine, something that is impossible to experience in the United States at this age.