Choosing a Roommate

It is always advisable to live with someone with whom you get along but sometimes best friends don’t make the best roommates. It is always a good idea to talk with potential roommates before you make the choice to live together. Here are some talking points to consider when choosing roommates:

  • Sleeping habits - Are you a morning person or a night owl?
  • Study habits - Do you prefer to study in your room?
  • Noise Preferences - Do you need quiet or prefer listening to music?
  • Organizational habits - Do you mind a messy room or do you prefer pristine living conditions?
  • Room guests - Do you like having people in your room 24-7 or only at certain times?
  • Smoking habits - Do you smoke? Though smoking is prohibited inside and within 20 feet of the entrances of all campus buildings its still a good idea to talk about smoking preferences. Non-smokers should think about that lingering smell and whether or not they can deal with it.

Find a roommate on Facebook --- Visit our Facebook page and use our timeline to post and review posts from other students needing roommates. Share information with each other as you put together your four-person groups. If you are having difficulty finding a roommate you can also meet with a member of the Residence Life Team to discuss your options and be connected within others who may share your circumstances. 

  1. Log-in to Facebook
  2. search "W&J Residence Life or just click the link that begins this section for a direct route!

If your group does not get a room/suite in the building that was your first preference, you may request that your name be added to the Housing Preference List for the building that was your first choice. This list is maintained by the Office of Residence Life and will be used should spaces become available during the summer.

As spaces become available, the Office of Residence Life will begin contacting those on the Preference List to offer new housing opportunities. The Office of Residence Life will contact the Group Leader for a group, offer the newly opened space, and the group will have 48 hours to respond and choose to fill the vacant room/suite. If the group declines the offer, the space will be offered to the next group on the list. If the Group Leader does not respond the offer will be withdrawn and the next group on the Preference list will be contacted. More often than not, this process will occur over the summer. For this reason, it is important that group members keep in touch over the summer in case a more desirable space becomes available.