Residential Learning Communities


Living Learning Communities in Alexander Hall


Residential Learning Mantra

  • Foster a sense of belonging to the College community
  • Take part in an engaged living-learning environment where each individual student has the opportunity to succeed in and outside the classroom
  • Experience an engaging co-curriculum complete with dynamic in and out of class experiences including programming linked to the course of your choice
  • Build a supportive network with your peers and first-year academic advisor

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Learning Living Community?

The opportunity to take part in a Living-Learning Community is to create a connection between your living and academic environments. At Washington & Jefferson College students who choose a First-Year Seminar course that functions as a Living-Learning Community are housed with other students from the same First Year Seminar course. First year students who part take in a Living Learning Community benefit from the experience of building positive relationships with members of the campus community.

Why live in a Living-Learning Community?

We believe that students residing in a Living-Learning Community may demonstrate enhanced critical thinking skills and further demonstrate those skills in their other courses.  Being intentionally housed with other students from the same First Year Seminar course, allows students to begin the journey of creating positive connections within both the academic and residential environments.  

Where are the Living Learning Communities housed?

Students who reside in a Living-Learning Community will be housed with students from the same First Year Seminar Course. The Living-Learning Communities are housed in Alexander Hall, a first-year co-ed residence hall. Alexander Hall is home to the Peer-Assisted Learning Center (accessible to all students), the First-Year Resource Center, and is home to the First-Year Leadership Council.

How do I select to live in a Living Learning Community? 

A comprehensive list of First-Year Seminar Course offerings is linked below. Courses that include a Living-Living component are labeled and are also linked below for your convenience.

Current Living-Learning Communities

For more information please contact:
 Jill Walters
  Residence Life Coordinator
Office of Residence Life
Washington and Jefferson College 

Themed Communities at President’s Row


Mission of our Themed Communities 

The mission of themed housing at Washington and Jefferson College is to provide an environment where students can explore the interconnected relationship between what is learned and what is lived.  The themed communities bring together diverse groups of residents with common intellectual, political, and/or social interests. Providing the opportunity for students with similar interests the opportunity to live together and participate in specially designed programs that cater to their interests. The Office of Residence Life supports the development of residential communities sustained by commitment to intellectual inquiry, personal and collective introspection, and social action. 

How to create a Themed Community:

Residents are encouraged to bring forth proposals for theme floors which meet the core goals of our housing program. Theme House communities are more than simply a place to live. They provide a valuable connection between a students' residential and social experience and the learning that occurs through service to others and the community. As such, we hold expectations for what our students will accomplish and learn from living within these communities, some of which are laid out below.

Proposals will be reviewed by Residential Life professional staff, and will be judged on the following criteria:
• Residency on the proposed theme floor must be open to and inclusive of all continuing Residence Community students.
• The floor must be consistent with the mission of the Residence Life Mission, Goals and Values. The floor must incorporate concrete goals/objectives.
• The floor must make a positive contribution to the quality of the Residential Community.
• Group application

Current Theme Communities:

International House - The International House, began in 2010 to create a learning experience for W&J students who are interested in studying abroad, have studied abroad, or are interested in exploring culture and exploring global perspectives. Additionally, the International House is home to a number of international exchange students who will room with domestic students in an effort to create a vibrant, culturally diverse, and accepting community. Student, faculty, and staff generated programming centered on culture, community, global issues, and unifying conversations will take place regularly within the International House.

Quiet Study House - In Lincoln Hall, this community offers an environment beneficial to students interested in a more academically focused environment. The building has 24-hour Quiet and Courtesy Hours and consists of comfortable study environments throughout the building. Student lead social and educational programming is available within the community.

Pet House – The Pet house provides a friendly environment to pets, their owners and pet lovers. All students should remember that there will be two residents per room and only one animal permitted in each room. Roommates should work together to determine who will care for the pet.

Civics House – This began in 2011 and is housed in Adams. The purpose of the civics house is its dedication to servicing the W & J community while developing student’s leadership abilities and interest in civic engagement and the political process.

Green House- New for 2012-2013 school year. This community will focus on creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly community. The Green House is an environmentally themed living community for residents interested in sustainable living and activities in nature. It provides opportunities for learning and practicing "green living." Some experiences include composting, recycling, camping, kayaking, and reusing resources.

For more information please contact:
Rich Doria
 Assistant Director
Office of Residence Life
Washington and Jefferson College


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