Residential Learning Communities

At W&J, we believe that learning extends far beyond classroom walls. Residential learning communities allow students with common interests, classes, or passions to live together in an environment that promotes creative collaboration and collective learning. W&J’s 2011-2012 Residential Learning Communities include Theme Communities as well as First Year Seminar Living Learning Communities.

Theme Communities include the Pet House, the International House, the Service Leadership Community, and the Quiet Study House.

First Year Seminar Living Learning Communities (LLCs) allow freshmen enrolled in the same First Year Seminar course to live together on the same floor. Students are then able to bring the topics and lessons of the day home with them into the residence halls for further discussion and exploration! This type of living community involves collaboration between faculty, Peer Mentors, Resident Assistants, professional Residence Life staff, and many other members of the campus community.

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