Roommate Horror Stories: NOT Always True

April 18, 2014

By Chalese Wilson ’15

One of the most stressful and exasperating parts of college is finding out who will be your roommate.  Will I get along with this person, you may ask, and will I be able to stand them for an entire year?  There are a lot of horror stories about roommates that go around. But I was lucky – my experience was far from a horror story.

The beginning of my journey at Washington & Jefferson College was frightening on so many levels. I was nervous about classes and softball, but most nervous about the stranger who would be living with me for the next year. I had my friends and family from home, so what else could I possibly need? What I did not expect was a lifelong friendship that was about to unfold.  I now realize how egocentric and ignorant I was acting; I was not aware of the friendship I would create with my roommate at W&J.

The bonding started with three in the morning Denny’s runs, a thirty minute road trip to Chipotle, and of course a few afternoon Starbucks trips.  I knew that we were the perfect match because the only arguments we had were deciding which restaurant we were going to eat at that day. The attempts to motivate studying and go to the gym typically ended in both of us taking a nap—I would not have wanted it any other way. I thought living with someone that I did not know would be quite the challenge, but I was wrong. Having such a great roommate made being a freshman much easier. Whether I needed to vent about class, calm my nerves about softball, or wanted someone to hang out with, she was always there. It was comforting to know I already had such a close friend in such a new and overwhelming environment. I was placed with the perfect roommate, and now she’s a friend that I never expect to lose.

Chalese Wilson is a junior at Washington & Jefferson College. Wilson is an English major and an Education minor. Her hometown is Washington, Pennsylvania, and she is also a graduate of Chartiers-Houston high school.